Ariel Baron-Robbins

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12 Mois is a project between myself and Paula Temple, my mother. Each month we give each other a prompt or idea for an art piece. We share the work with each other at the end of the month and exchange new ideas.


We both agreed to do a piece based on the word "crowds".


We both agreed to do a political piece of art.  Paula's is titled Ballot Box and Ariel's is Me as Melania.


Ariel told Paula Temple to make a piece of interactive

art that the viewer could change. She made the wheel




Paula told Ariel  to insert a Medieval symbol into one of her images


Paula told Ariel  to think of floating images.

Ariel  told Paula Temple to make an art book.




Paula told Ariel to redo an old painting that Ariel made when she was 18 years old. It was selected to be in the state senator' s office in Washington, DC.

Ariel told Paula to redo an old painting she remembered of Paula's. It was a painting of her dad that Paula did before Ariel was born.






Ariel told Paula to create a completely photo-based piece of work. "You are not allowed to draw or paint on it or photograph a drawing or painting. You are allowed to collage different photos together physically or using some sort of computer program. You are allowed to use a photocopier."


Paula told Ariel to imagine the Jardin dug up, The Jardin is a botanical garden in Marnay, France (where she lives).


Paula to Ariel: "I want you to make piece(s) about your three homes, in Marnay-sur-Seine, in Oxford, Mississippi and in Miami, FL

Ariel to Paula: “I want you to make a piece about your trip to the United States. You must create part of it while on the plane.”